Appointment Reminder Services to Save Time and Money

appointment-reminder-serviceAs a patient to many doctors’ offices, I know how annoying it can be to walk in the door and have voicemails telling me when my next appointment is. Most of the time, I simply delete the messages before they are finished, but I miss an important detail. This happens way too often these days, and with people’s busy schedules, no-shows happen a lot as well. There is a way to eliminate no-shows and last minute cancelations, and here’s how!

Appointment reminder services are the newest way offices are using to remind their patients that they have an upcoming appointment. What makes this so different than the voicemail’s they usually leave? Well, an appointment reminder service is a system set up to send you a text message or an email as a reminder. Yes, a text message or an email! We all know that we all communicate via email and SMS far more than we call people these days, so why not get a reminder that way too. It is faster, more effective and you are more likely to get a response out of the patient.

It is very easy to set up and even easier to use. You don’t download any software, you use the same one you’ve been using and this system runs with your software. You drag and drop the message into the appointment calendar and the patients get their message right then! The patient then answers with either “confirm” or “cancel” to let the office know whether or not they will be attending their appointment.

It saves the office and the client a ton of time! It also saves the office money which is a great bonus! The office will no longer have to pay staff to call house after house reminding the patient of their appointment. The staff members can then spend their workday working on more important tasks. If you work in an office, you will see the drastic amount of time that is saved not needing to call homes any more. The patients love this new form of communication, especially because it eliminates any confusion. The message will say the date and time, and if the client confirms, they will show up then for their appointment. It’s as simple as that!